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Looking for a job offers a range of search options to help you find the jobs that match your skills faster. In this section, you'll find instructions on how to use them, as well as how to use the tools on the Job results and Job details pages.

Search by employer type
Search by location
Advanced search
Keyword searching
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Job results: how to use this page
Job details: how to use this page

Search by employer type

To help you find the kind of jobs you're looking for, has divided jobs into employer type and job type categories.

On the homepage you can select the category that best describes the type of employer you want to work for eg: hotels, restaurants, contract catering.

You will be presented with a search page specifically for that employer type. If you can't see a category that offers what you're looking for, you may choose to search by location or by job type.

Search by location

You can search by location to find a job in a particular geographical area. To do so:
  • Enter the postcode or name of the place you want to work. This could be a region, a town or a locality, for example Yorkshire, or Wendover, or Soho. We will provide a suggestions list as you start to type. These suggestions are from the location list in our database, and do not indicate that there are jobs in that location currently on the site. If you type in a location we do not recognise, or you misspell it, we will try to match it as closely as possible.
  • You can specify a distance around that location, ranging from 0 miles to 100 miles, depending on how far you are prepared to commute.
  • You can then specify the type of job you are looking for, your desired income and any keywords.

Advanced search

Advanced search allows you to search for a job using a variety of criteria. Choose a:
  • location
  • salary/rate
  • employer type
  • job type
You can also add any keywords and type in any words you do not want to appear in your results.

The advanced search page also shows instructions and examples for each of the options you can search by.

When you're happy with the criteria you've specified in your advanced search, click on the search button and you'll be shown the results.

Keyword searching

Keyword searching means you can search for a specific word or string of words among the jobs we have.

The best words to use as search terms are those that usually only appear in the title or description of the jobs you are looking for. If your line of work requires a particular qualification or skill, using terms like hotel or front of house can quickly find relevant jobs. Please note that common words such as 'it', 'the', and 'of' cannot be used for searching.

In order to combine keywords you need to use these terms: AND, OR, and AND NOT.

  • AND: for example sales AND conference. This finds vacancies which contain both the words ' sales ' and 'conference', but not necessarily next to each other.
  • OR: for example sales OR conference. This finds vacancies that contain either the word 'sales' or the word 'conference', but not necessarily both. This will bring back more results than using AND.
  • AND NOT: for example sales AND NOT conference. This finds vacancies that contain 'sales' but do not contain the word 'conference'.
  • * (Asterisk): for example secretar*. This finds vacancies containing words that begin with the letters 'secretar', such as 'secretary', 'secretaries' and 'secretarial'.

Browse jobs

You can browse's jobs by location, sector or job role. Simply click on the relevant links in the navigation.

Browsing by location you are shown a list of UK regions. When you choose a region you are shown all jobs within that location.

You are also shown a list of industry sectors. If you choose one of these, you'll see jobs within both the location and the industry sector.

Browse by sector you are shown a list of sectors. When you choose a sector, you are shown all the jobs within it.

You are also shown a list of locations. If you choose one of these, you'll see jobs within both the industry sector and the location you've chosen.

Browsing by job role you are shown a list of roles which you can navigate through alphabetically. Simply click on a letter of the alphabet and you'll be shown a list of all the job roles we have that start with that letter.

You are also shown a list of locations. If you choose one of these you'll see jobs within the job role and the location you've chosen.

Job results: how to use this page

The job results page lists all the jobs that matched your search criteria.

Each job result displays the following information:

  • job title � you can click on this to see the job details
  • job location
  • salary
  • name of the advertiser
  • job type, ie permanent or contract
  • date the job was first posted

Other tools on the page include:

  • New search click this link if you want to try a different search.
  • Email me jobs like these clicking this link enables you to save the job search you've just made and use it to get any more jobs that match the same criteria emailed to you. If you don't enter any search criteria this link does not appear.
  • What is Really Simple Syndication (RSS)? RSS allows you to get an alert each time a job that matches your criteria is posted on To find out more about RSS and how you can set one up, click on the icon beside the link and follow the instructions provided.
Refine your search you can use this to:

  • Edit distance from location If you've used location as a search criteria, you can specify a radius around that location that you are prepared to find jobs in. The Refine your search tool allows you to change this radius by selecting anywhere from a 0-mile radius to a 100-mile radius.
  • Edit/change your keywords Rather than do a new search, you can type in any more keywords you may have, and click on the search button. This will search the whole category for those keywords, using the other criteria you specified on the search page.
  • Save this search this lets you save your search to use at a later date. Just click on the link and follow the prompts. This link won't appear if you have declined cookies.
  • Show me... use this to see jobs posted by direct employers, employment agencies or by both groups. You can also sort the results to show the most relevant first or the most recent first.

Page navigation

At the bottom of your results page, there are prev and next arrows, and a counter telling you how many pages of results there are. If your search finds less than 20 jobs then this feature will not appear.

Job details: how to use this page

This page contains the specific job description and contact details for a particular job. Other tools on the page include:

  • Email me jobs like this you can have similar jobs emailed to you by clicking on this link. If you don't enter any search criteria this link does not appear.
  • Back to results page click on this link to go back to your list of results.
  • New search use this link to go back to the category search page.
  • Page navigation at the bottom of each details page, there are arrows that allow you to go to the next job in your list of results, or to go to the previous job.
  • Apply now click on this button if you want to apply for the job online. Make sure you have your CV and covering letter ready.
  • Contact details if you want to apply for the job by post, click on this link. A pop-up window will appear containing the contact information for the advertiser.
  • Printer friendly version the print friendly page is designed to the correct width for printing.
  • Send to a friend if you want to send the job to a friend who might be interested in it, click on this link. Put your own email address, as well as theirs, in the window that pops up so that they know who the email is from.

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