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5 ways of getting the best out of the mobile site

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When you’re at your computer it’s easy to distracted, and if - like us - you’re still trading pokes with your mates on Facebook, you might find your day has vanished before you’ve made any progress on your search for a hospitality job. That's why we’ve developed a great mobile site; so you can get back to doing what your computer was designed for: sharing dodgy photos from the weekend with your pals. Obviously.


If you have an internet-enabled mobile device and you’ve already uploaded your CV from your computer, you’re all set to apply for your next job on the move and keep your free time for yourself. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of our mobile site:

Find your new job on the move

Come on, nobody sits at their computer 24/7, and why would you, when you’re carrying the internet in your pocket? Accessing via your mobile lets you browse for jobs at those random times, like when your train is delayed or you’re waiting for your friend to show up for coffee.

Want to know the best bit? If your phone is set up to receive emails, you can cick straight through from our jobs by email alerts. Clever, aren't we?

Get in there quickly

The early bird catches the worm, as they say, and applying this same logic to your job search could be just the ticket. Via our mobile site, you can register your profile, set up jobs by email and can take control of your job hunt by applying the moment you spot a job that whets your appetite.

Save jobs you’re interested in for later

Each time you apply, you’ll want to tweak your CV to make sure it’s absolutely perfect for the job you’ve spied on the journey into work. Speed up the process by emailing the job to yourself, so when you get home you have all your potential new jobs waiting for you. This way you have the best chance of making sure you get the perfect application off every time.

Earn yourself some social currency

You might see a job on the mobile site that isn’t for you, but it might be great for your friend who’s hunting for a hospitality job too. Kill two birds with one phone by emailing the details over to them straight from your handset. You never know - it could be the job they’ve been looking for, and it’s always good to have a mate who owes you a favour, right?

Don’t waste a single minute

We know looking for a new job can take up just as much of your day as your existing job does. We’ve been there too! You’re busy, so it pays to make the most of every spare moment you get. You don’t work during your break, so make it work for you. Our mobile site lets you do a quick search when you’ve stepped out for a few minutes, and with the option of applying for jobs online you can send in your CV before you have to head back inside.

You pay enough for your phone, so now it’s time it paid you back. Your next job could (quite literally) be in the palm of your hand.

*CVs need to be uploaded via a desktop PC

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