Interviews are without a doubt a stressful experience, so that's why we've covered everything from a typical interview format, to style tips and tricks, so you can just relax and dazzle.

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The 7 interview mistakes they didnt tell you about

Tired of getting told to dress smartly and turn up on time? Well there are a few lesser-known interview mistakes you should pay attention to.

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Preparing for an interview

Deep breaths! Interviews are always a nerve-wracking affair, but our preparation guide should make the whole experience a lot less painful and give you the greatest chance of success.

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5 interview disasters (and how to deal with them)

It's the day of the interview and you've planned everything meticulously, but what happens when it all starts to go wrong? Here's how to rescue things.

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Body language blunders that could cost you the job

Your body language can say a lot more about your feelings than you might suppose. Poor body language can betray nervousness and give the interviewer the wrong impression.

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Five star hotel interview? How to be a five star candidate

If you're looking to make the leap into five star hospitality, you'll need to make sure you've got what it takes. Jose Ruiz, HR manager of the Berkeley Hotel, London, tells us what he expects from candidates.

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How to put off an interviewer in 7 easy steps

Don't pussyfoot around with all that nicey-nicey interview stuff. Keep them waiting, leave your phone on - show them just how busy and important you are. They'll be gagging to give you the job.

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Interview gaffes

Interviews come in many guises, but the errors people make are common. Some are very obvious, but recruiters still get faced with them on a regular basis.

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Dressing for success - interview style tips

Jobseekers and promotion hunters find that a good CV will gain them access to an interview room, but from then on, it's important to make sure your image measures up to your aspirations.

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