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User guide: help creating your job ad

Below is your step-by-step guide to advertising a job on

Before you get started, be sure that you have:

  • Set up an account.
  • Added a company logo.
  • Decided on a job title.
  • Written a job description.
  • Defined the salary you want to offer.

Getting started

Sign in to your account and click ‘create job ad’ button on the dashboard or ‘job ads’ page.

Check you have the correct company name and logo listed.

  • To amend your company name, contact Customer Service.
  • You can edit your company logo via your dashboard.

What to include in your job ad

Job title

Write a clear job title

  • Our tool will suggest matching options. These achieve better results.
  • Avoid abbreviations, jargon or unnecessary information.
  • See the pop-up box for more tips

Job description

Write your job description into this box

If you are copying from a document or another website, we recommend you paste your text into ‘Notepad’ and copy the text from there to remove any formatting errors.

What to include in your job description

  • What skills and experience you’re looking for.
  • What they can expect their roles and responsibilities to be.
  • Some key information about your company – tell them why they’d want the job.

You can format using bolditalics, underline and bulleted/numbered lists.

Job type

Clarify whether it is a permanent, temporary, contract or part-time job

Job reference

If you have multiple jobs, this option allows you to add a reference to keep track.


Tell them the salary on offer – be as clear as possible to achieve the best results.

  • State whether this is an annual, daily or hourly wage.
  • Use ‘exactly’, ‘up to’ or give a range. Leave it unspecified if necessary.

Unsure what to offer? Check similar roles on our site.

Job location

The country will be automatically listed as the UK.

Full postcode

Enter a full postcode for the best results. This is how our matching technology works.

You can select ‘hide full postcode’ if you would like your exact location to remain private. You will see a preview of this.

Contact details

Enter your name and the email address where you want to receive applications.

Days to advertise

Select the duration of your job ad based on the available options.

Choose your template type between Standard and Featured.

A featured template typically gets better results but will require you to set up a template in your account.

How people can apply for your job

Show jobs to

Specify who you want to see your job advert

Make it visible inside the EU or anyone worldwide.

Application method


  • Receive applications in your email inbox using our standard application process.
Set up screening questions
  • Save time and filter out irrelevant people. E.g. find out whether they have a necessary driving licence.
Create email
  • Applicants value feedback – easily set up an automated email to let them know their application has been received and what the next steps are.

External / Third-party application

  • Direct applications to your own website simply by entering a URL.

Apply offline

  • Upload it to our tool and enter instructions for how the candidate can apply.
  • Most applicable if an official application form is needed e.g. for a government position.

Put it live

Simply click ‘post’ to finish – your advert will be live on our site soon.

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