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Meet the person behind the CV, right from the start

A fast, flexible route to the right candidates with Video Recruitment (powered by Cammio)

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Our Product Specialist, Jordan Kerr explains the benefits of Video Recruitment.

Our Video Recruitment solution can be used to interview any candidate from any source (not just those who applied through Caterer)

In the race for the very best hospitality talent, new recruitment approaches are essential.

  • Talent attraction is a priority for successful employers, and 88% say labour shortages are their biggest concern*
  • Over half of businesses surveyed said that switching to video interviews sped up their time to hire**

A more flexible, effective interview experience for you and your candidates

  • Gain a rounded impression of applicants before you move to interview
  • In a talent scarce market, increase speed to hiring by quickly assessing fit
  • Attract hospitality talent and boost candidate conversion with video stories that bring your company and the role to life
  • Our video recruitment solution can be used to interview any candidate from any source

A ground-breaking solution to new ways of screening and interviewing candidates

Attract and engage:

  • Use the magic of video to show your workplace, explain the job or introduce candidates to the team, all within a branded, secure environment
  • Present your authentic employer brand every step of the candidate journey

Assess and select:

  • Video pitch – Allow candidates to summarise their suitability and motivations for applying, helping you screen candidates quickly
  • Automated interview – Ask candidates to answer pre-determined questions, so you can assess and compare candidates at speed
  • Live interview – Carry out and record a live interview with our innovative platform Plus: Competency based reports on completed interviews for skill matching to job roles

Contact today and speed up time to hire

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