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What more can employers do to encourage people to join and stay in the hospitality industry?– featuring: Claire Bosi, Choose Hospitality – Recruiting in Hospitality podcast

Choose Hospitality is an initiative driven by the industry itself, to stimulate interest in the wide-ranging benefits of a career in hospitality.

Image of Claire Bosi from Choose Hospitality

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In this episode of Recruiting in Hospitality from, we speak to Claire Bosi, co-founder of our partners, Choose Hospitality.

Created by Chef & Restaurant Magazine, and with a plethora of supporters including Gordon Ramsay, Tom Kerridge and James Martin, Choose Hospitality was created to bridge the gap of communication directly to those who are training for a career in the sector, at the same time encouraging more school leavers and job-swaps to consider the profession.

Claire discusses why Choose Hospitality is needed, how it aims to help the industry, why fewer young people are considering a career in hospitality and how perceptions can be challenged.

Find out too how you can get involved and join us in showcasing all the wonderful things a career in hospitality can bring.

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