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Walk for Wellbeing – What is it and how can you get involved? – featuring: Craig Prentice from mum, Camilla Woods from Hospitality Action and Adrian Ellis from The Lowry Hotel – Recruiting in Hospitality podcast

Walk for Wellbeing is just weeks away! It’s the perfect opportunity for hospitality teams to come together, get out in the fresh air and raise valuable funds for Hospitality Action.

Image of Craig Prentice, Founder of Walk for Wellbeing & mum!

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In this latest episode of Recruiting in Hospitality, we speak to the Founder of Walk for Wellbeing, Craig Prentice from mum, Camilla Woods from Hospitality Action and Adrian Ellis from The Lowry Hotel.

We discuss the origins of Walk for Wellbeing, mental health issues in the industry and challenges faced by hospitality workers in the past two years PLUS how you can get involved in Walk for Wellbeing 2022.

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